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Preparing Your Home for Showings

Preparing your home for showings can be a job in itself and an inconvenience.  Making sure the clutter is minimized, pet odors are eliminated, and that the curb appeal is attractive are just a few tips that can help prepare your home for showings.  It’s possible that a home that is well prepared for showings will sell before an unprepared home just because the image that it portrays to potential buyers walking through the door.

Not only can the correct preparation reduce the amount of time it takes for a home to sell but also can lead to more money in the sellers pocket!

So where do you start?   It’s smart to start from the outside and simulate a potential buyers walk through.  Keep in mind the importance of a buyers first impression.

Here are a few tips for preparing your home for showings to help your home sell quicker and for more money!

Curb Appeal – Depending on the season, make sure that the lawn is freshly cut, leaves racked, or driveway shoveled.

Eliminate Clutter – One of the most noticeable things to a prospective buyer is clutter.  Some areas that often collect clutter that should be checked are stairs, entry ways, and closets.  Make sure the stairs are clear and that all shoes, coats, hats, and mail is put out of sight.

Make the Kitchen Shine – A homes kitchen is traditionally the biggest selling feature.  Ensuring that the kitchen is prepared for a showing is extremely important.  Are the kitchen counter tops free and clear?  Is the refrigerator door clear?  The exterior of the refrigerator should have virtually nothing on it.  Is the kitchen floor clean?

Super Clean the Bathrooms –  Bathrooms are often times the second biggest selling feature of homes. Is the vanity top clean and clear of clutter?  Is the floor clean?  Another area to look at before a showing is the bath or shower.  Is this tub or shower clean?  Most prospective buyers are going to look inside the tub and/or shower and a dirty tub and/or shower, is not pleasant.   Make sure the linen closet and the items inside are organized neatly.  Take a couple new bath towels out of the linen closet and make sure they are hanging nice and neat.

The Bedrooms –  Bedrooms can be a deal breaker for a buyer.  If a bedroom is on the “smaller” side, it’s critical that a buyer can see that they are practical and someone is able to comfortably fit their belongings in the room.  It’s best to remove extra large furniture to make the room feel bigger. Organize your closets!  A prospective buyer is almost always going to open the closets in the bedroom.

Floors – We strongly recommend prior to listing a home that if the carpets are heavily damaged or severely stained, to get them replaced or cleaned.

Odors – Eliminate odors. It’s the #1 turn off to buyers. Whether it’s an odor from pets, smoking, cooking, or others, make sure to check for odors!  Often it is a good idea to have an opinion from a person who is not living in the home.